2019 02 17

An unprecedented divide exists today between the rich and their worldly possessions and the poor. Social media and all forms of communication make us all complicit to this tragic reality. Jesus spoke to the masses, healed the sick and promised life everlasting in heaven for those that believe in him. Many, comfortable with their lifestyle and riches, rejected Jesus. We are all as one in the eyes of the Lord for all who accept Jesus and his teachings into their hearts. Let us renew and refresh our faith in Jesus, his teachings and his sacrifice this morning through communion and live our lives to the glory of God.


Based on readings for the week: Luke 6:17-26

2019 02 10

There seems to be a proliferation of injustice and untruths without bounds today, similar to the fish in the sea swimming in all directions. Jesus demonstrated to Simon, James and John by casting their fishing nets, to have faith and believe. Jesus calls us all to have faith and believe in the word of God. Is it me, Lord? yes, it is all those that walk in Jesus footsteps from the shadows of darkness and despair, to the light of truth and salvation. Accept Jesus’ teachings and live your life with his truths, to the glory of God and salvation everlasting.


Based on readings for the week: Isaiah 6:1-8; Luke 5:1-11

2019 02 03

There’s an old expression, “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” Often, the truth is in plain sight but we’re blinded with preconceived opinions. The truth can be a leap of faith. Jesus spoke the truth and was accepted from afar yet denied with skepticism from his neighborhood as a child. Accept Jesus truths into your heart and allow misguided realities to evaporate. we are stronger together accepting Jesus truth.


Based on readings for the week: Luke 4:21-30

2019 01 27

True leaders are a rare commodity. Truth, not alternate facts are paramount. the ability to inspire others to greatness and to commit their lives to a better cause than themselves rings true. A significant challenge any true leader faces is acceptance at home. Jesus was no exception. His teachings spread across the land and beyond. His truth resonated and captivated the masses. Live his truth day to day and inspire others to walk in Jesus footsteps, all to the glory of God.


Based on readings for the week: Luke 4:14-21

2019 01 20

These days there are many economic challenges. Health care, education, and the IT revolution eliminating many traditional high paying jobs. Many have turned to alternate, start-up careers. Beer and wine start ups are proliferating. Jesus gave us the true wine for life. Follow his lead and never thirst. All to the glory of God.


Based on readings for the week: Isaiah 62:1-5; John 2:1-11

2019 01 13

The world today, in all it’s complexities, is struggling for peace, joy, and love. We seem to be in quick sand and the more we struggle, the more challenging it becomes. Jesus came as the hope of salvation for all. Imagine confronting Jesus today and allowing him to wash away your sins. Believe in Jesus, hold him in your heart and his truth will shine. Hope eternal will usher peace, joy, and love; all to the glory of God.


Based on reading for the week: Matthew 3:13-17

2019 01 06

The three wise ones from the east followed the star and gazed upon the baby in the manger. Baby Jesus in complete innocence with Mary and Joseph, as told by the prophets. Hope, peace, joy and love for everyone. An awakening and light of the world. Remember baby Jesus, remember the leader and saviour, and live your life in his image, to the glory of God.


Based on readings for the week: Isaish 60:1-6; Matthew 2:1-12

2018 12 30

Can you imagine the world blessed with peace? Can you imagine neighbors helping neighbors and charity for all in need? Can you imagine confronting Jesus, as a twelve year old and appreciating his wisdom. Would you dismiss him or open your heart to his love? Jesus taught the truth, the word of God. Accept Jesus into your heart without reservations. Inner peace will flourish and grow and your path forward will touch others. all to the glory of God.


Based on readings for the week: Colossians 3:12-17; Luke 2:41-52