Our Congregation

Grace United is easy to find, on the corner of Ochterloney Street and King Street, downtown Dartmouth, and if you need more detailed directions check our map or contact our office

Join us at Grace United Church
Why don’t you, this coming Sunday. . .
starting at 11:00am.

We are a Christian Church, worshiping God each Sunday with praise and prayers, renewing our faith, transforming our lives, and committing again to the Christ who sustains us, fortifies us and brings us peace. In these unpredictable times, across the country many are returning to their faith and drawing closer to their families and their church. Many are seeking some measure of reconciliation, of renewed spiritual strength and security, and a return to the real things in life, those that last and matter and are truly eternal. And we value those too, and in our church, around the centrality of Jesus Christ, we come together as a friendly and caring congregational family.

It is here... where Christ's church is most alive... where the action is... where the rubber meets God's road... and where we can most effectively carry out God's call to be the church.

Our congregation's growth is largely dependent on how vibrantly alive the spirit of Christ is and how joyfully we serve him in all we do. Grace United Church serves both its community and its congregation in many ways. There is always something going on at Grace, and as you can see from this web site, there is always something of which you could be a part. 

Our church door is an ever open one, open to all, and one through which when you enter, you may discover for yourself the Peace and Grace of God which is so freely available for all who seek it.

Grace has been blessed with a unique history, a beautiful building, an outstanding congregation and a special soul that we would love to share with you - come, meet us.

Come for a Sunday - and stay for a lifetime.