Vision and Mission Statement

Grace United Church is an Affirming Ministry committed to transforming lives by living God’s vision as an active part of the diverse community in the Heart of Dartmouth.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we journey together in faith as people, embracing every age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, family composition, mental and physical ability, cultural background and socio-economic status in the life and work of Grace United Church.

We are called by God to live and nurture our faith.  Living God’s vision challenges us to respect all creation, love each other as Christ loves us, and, with courageous love, defend human dignity and resist forces that exploit and marginalize.

 We commit as a community to:

·   Nurture faith journeys through education and experiential opportunities;

·   Use our resources effectively;

·   Advocate for and support community social and economic justice initiatives;

·   Create safe spaces;

·   Seek opportunities to recognize and nurture each other’s talents and gifts; and

·   Be open to surprises of the Spirit as we continue to learn and grow.