2018 08 18

Patience is a virtue seemingly in short supply these days. All too often strong arm tactics rule the day. Jesus lived a life of enlightenment and patience to overcome adversity and endured the cross of our salvation. His life and sacrifice kindle our faith in God and life everlasting. Let us rekindle our faith in Jesus this morning through communion. Let the embers of patience and love ignite in our hearts. Together we can make a difference for the love of God. Leave this place, speak and live the truth of Jesus, to the glory of God.

Based on readings for the week; Hebrews 11:29-12:2.

2019 08 11

There is a saying, “Hope Springs Eternal.” Hope and faith are complimentary and co-exist in our harts. Our faith in humanity is challenged daily witnessing the injustices, corruption and violence covered by multiple media sources. Jesus gave hope and a vision, through his teachings, both word and deed. Allow your faith in Jesus, son of God, to grow in your heart. Allow self doubt to evaporate and strengthen your resolve to achieve a oneness with Jesus. Faith in Jesus will yield life everlasting, all to the glory of God.


Based on readings from week: Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16.

2019 08 04

Vacations are a time for rest and relaxation and family bonding with a sprinkling of adventures. it’s also a time for reflection and refreshing your commitment to Jesus. Don’t allow yourself to backslide from Jesus but grow closer to his ideals. Don’t get on the treadmill of material gain. Give to those less fortunate and open your heart to Jesus. The path of righteousness is well lit. Choose Jesus and live your life in his image, to the glory of God.


Based of readings for the week: Hosea 11:1-11; Luke 12:13-21

2019 06 23

We thank God this week for a sudden infusion of wisdom that prevented war in the Middle East. Last Sunday I was likely one of many preachers who discussed the gifts of the Spirit, including the personification of wisdom as Sophia, a woman. This week, one of our lectionary readings is from Paul's letter to the Galatians, where he tells us that in Christ there is no Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, no male or female, for we are all one. In a congregation where we have made a commitment to be an Affirming Church, we pray for continued gifts from the Spirit so we may not only think, but act in wisdom and compassion. May God bless Stephen in his ministry to us this morning, and may we have ears to hear.


based on readings for the week: 1 Kings 19:1-15

2019 06 16

 Gracious God, on this June morning we gather here briefly to thank you for your continual presence and to commit this mornings worship to you in the name of Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. We celebrated Pentecost last Sunday, Lord, the birthday of your church and also the birthday of our United Church, and we pray that the Holy Spirit may continue in strength and power as we move forward in your name. So be with Stephen leading our worship, with the choir singing, and all who are taking part, and we pray that the grace and companionship of Christ be continually renewed in us in the weeks ahead. We ask these things in Jesus' name.


Based on Readings for the week: Proverbs 8:1-4,21-31; John 16:12-15.

2019 06 09

Pentecost, the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of Jesus. Transformative, speaking multiple languages. Love, the unwritten universal language understood by all. Jesus ministry was based on love, inclusion and truth. Allows Jesus truth to refresh and grow your faith through communion this morning. Stand tall and speak his truth to those lost in the daily pressures and stresses of every day life. Give a helping hand to those in need. Salvation is our reward for accepting God and living our lives following the light of Jesus.


Based on the readings from the week: Acts 2:1-21; Romans 8:14-17

2019 06 02

Discrimination pervades without exception all corners of the the earth. Racial intolerance, religious intolerance, ethnic intolerance and intolerance to the LGBTQ community, among others, resulting in a kaleidoscope of outcomes from confrontation and violence to muted disapproval. Search your heart. Diversity strengthens society. Potters shape clay [weavers weave yarn] for a desired outcome. Our lives are shaped by the grace of God. We are as a collective of one in his plan. Live your life with passion and understanding of others, to the glory of God.


Based on readings for the week: Jeremiah 18:1-6; Plan of the Master Weaver.

2019 05 26

Challenges face us all on a daily basis.  Financial stress, medical stress, marital stress and a myriad of life altering experiences.  Learn from the past and apply that knowledge moving forward.  Appreciate what we have, from nature's beauty and intricate life cycles, to the mountain peaks and the depths of the oceans.  Keep swimming.  Sing praises unto the Lord and this wondrous world in which we live.  Confront darkness with the light of Jesus and a chorus of hallelujah.


Based on the readings for the week: Psalm 105:2; Ephesians 5:19; Romans 15:9

2019 05 19

Dictators and those holding a vision of authoritarian rule crave dominance and power over the general populous. Too often their sphere of influence leads to corruption and misery for the masses. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples after the last supper. He uniquely demonstrated an act of love. He calls on all who believe to love one another as he loves us. Accept the gift of Jesus into your heart and live the passion of his life to the glory of God.


Based on the readings from the week, John 13:1-17, 31b-35

2019 05 12

Disinformation, untruths and distortions are challenging the truth today in unprecedented measure through social media.  Morality and the rule of law is being diluted for self-gratification and personal gain.  Our leaders are eroding the very cornerstones of a just and compassionate society.  Jesus taught the Word of God and the way forward.  His message was one of inclusion for all.  Many rejected Jesus.  Those that believe hear his voice and are comforted.  Those that cast him aside do not hear His voice.  Jesus, the way forward, redemption and salvation for all who believe.


Based on readings for the week: John 10:22-30

2019 05 05

Sometimes reality smacks us in the face and we are shocked. Whether it’s a mass shooting, or environmental forest fires and floods. Disasters happen and we are not immune. Jesus lived his life teaching the word of God. He was crucified and resurrected. Go out with hope and live your life according to his teachings. Give support to the less fortunate and continue the work of the Lord. Food for the soul will sustain us, all to the glory of God.


Based on readings for the week: John 21:1-19

2019 04 28 (June Charlton)

Heavenly Father we come into your house of worship remembering a time when the chosen disciples of Jesus were confused, fearful of their lives and without hope. When they believed all was lost Jesus came and stood among them bringing overwhelming joy and reawakening the purposes of His mission with them. So we rejoice today, because of their faithfulness in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And we come into our sanctuary of Grace United and, like the Psalmist of old, come with praises. We praise You for your immeasurable greatness; we praise You with our united voices, and the singing of the Choir; we praise You with the tambourines and chimes of the children and in the joy and abandon of their dances; and we pray that today we may experience the overwhelming joy that Jesus brings to our lives as He stands among us.


Based on readings for the week: John 20:19-31

2019 04 21

Hallelujah! Jesus Christ has risen. Easter for many is just another holiday. The commercial and social fabric of society relentlessly marching forward. No pause for reflection of the past. Jesus personified love. He gave his life that we might live. Let us prioritize our lives by including Jesus and his teachings in our daily lives. This morning we refresh and grow our faith through communion as spoken to the disciples by Jesus at the last supper. Give time for Jesus and allow his light to illuminate uncertainty and despair. The glory of God will prevail.


based on readings for week: John 20:1-18

2019 04 14

Imagine witnessing Jesus triumphant arrival into Jerusalem. Hosanna! A day of celebrations. Imagine witnessing the last supper, Jesus praying in the garden, his arrest, trial and crucifixion. The highs and the lows. Jesus foretold the complete sequence of unfolding events. He had lived a life, the son of God, and demonstrated with his life’s template, the way forward for all. View these unfolding events with fresh eyes and allow his wisdom and compassion to ignite a flame within your heart to spread the glory of God. Jesus, our redeemer and saviour.


Based on readings from Luke for Palm and Passion of Christ.

2019 04 07

In many respects the world is moving forward fast paced but rudderless. Our leaders have abdicated the moral right for political gain. This leads to a patch work of policies and uncertain outcomes with a pervasive climate of unrest. Jesus was a true leader, teaching the moral right and the word of God. To acknowledge and thank Jesus for his teachers is as relevant today as those many years ago. Hold Jesus in your heart and live your life in his name.


Based on the readings for the week: Psalm 126; John 12:1-8

2019 03 31

Separation, division, and discrimination are burning embers in society today culminating in flash points and unbridled discord. Racial profiling, stringent immigration policies and negative judgmental views projects a stain. Jesus spoke parables about the lost sheep and the lost son. Clear your eyes and see the vision Jesus was projecting with these parables. Inclusion, not separations or division is the guiding platitude. We are all one in the family of God. Live your life extending a hand to a neighbour in need, consoling the less fortunate and being the rock of Gibraltar for your family. All to the grace of God.


based on this weeks reading: Luke 15:1-3,11b-32.

2019 03 24

Monetary and materialistic gain are on display at an ever increasing pace in our world. To many, the means justifies the end irregardless of moral codes, ethics or legal parameters. A chosen few will receive pardons for their indisgressions. God gave all a free offer of mercy. Welcome Jesus into your heart and accept God’s pardon. Live a life rich with God’s rewards. An inner peace and empathy for others, all to the glory of God.


Based on the weeks reading: Isaiah 55:1-9

2017 03 17

Timing and preparation are paramount in any successful undertaking, whether high stakes international diplomacy or day to day social interactions. So often unintended consequences derail will meaning yet ill prepared endeavors. Jesus ministry was a walk in time and preparation to gain the hearts of the masses, through word and deed. He lamented his delay in his ministry to Jerusalem, but much yet had to be accomplished. Hindsight focuses reality to his truth., live your life to his truth.


Based on this weeks readings: Luke 13:31-35

2019 03 10

Disparity between the haves and the have not’s is a growing cancer in all regions of the world. it festers and peculates with unpredictable outcomes. Many are driven from their homelands to seek a better future for their families. Sacrifice and reflection and preparation for a better future. The devil tempted Jesus but through sacrifice, reflection an preparation he fasted for 40 days with prayer, alone, before beginning his work for God. Jesus gave us a path forward for redemption and salvation. Walk his path to the glory of God.


Based on the week readings: Deuteronomy 26:1-11; Luke 4:1-13

2019 03 03

There has always been a generational divide between the youth and their elders. Information technology and all its modes of communication has enhanced the divide. Progress inherently challenges historical context and past lifestyles. The stretching of creativity and ideas for humanity to absorb. This striving and achieving is inherent in our DNA, but remember the ten commandments and their rock solid teachings and guidelines courtesy of Moses encounter with God. Remember Jesus teachings and his life template for all. These are constants for all generations. Embrace technology and change and the constants Jesus taught and sacrificed his life, that we might be saved. To the glory of God.


Based on readings for the week: Exodus 34:29-35; Luke 9:28-45