Grace Youth

If you are in Grade 7 or above, you are invited to continue to explore your faith within the Grace Youth class. It meets at the same time as Sunday School (following the Children’s Time during worship). Youth class is not participating in the workshop-rotation model used in Sunday School; however, you may be involved as a resource in a workshop rotation.

Our youth are included in the worship services regularly and in a variety of ways. They may offer their musical talents as part of Godapalooza, GIG and Grace Choir. They may take a role greeting parishioners, candle lighting, and helping to serve communion. They may act or narrate in the White Gift service, The Passion drama and other short dramas. Each year the class leads a worship service, usually in the spring. Youth Class participants will remain in church for any Sunday worship that celebrates the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Join us for a challenging Youth Class program at church!